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OmniView Explorers.

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Excellent way to share your property with your audience

It’s an ultra responsive, highly informative OmniView Explorers that everybody wants.

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What is Involved in our OmniView Explorers

OmniView Explorers are comprised of a series of spherical panoramic images, coded into a virtual environment, branded with your customized graphics and themes, enriched with a multimedia assets.  OmniView Explorers can be used for marketing and sales, education and training, and infotainment and gaming.

Any space, anywhere in the world. We can create a OmniView Explorers of whatever you have to offer: schools, businesses, museums, hospitals, historical monuments.

Completely Customizable

Ultra Responsive

Multimedia Integrated

The base of our OmniView Explorer is a spherical panoramic image projected on a 3D model virtual environment.  Our spherical photographic imaging techniques extends the physics of photography with advanced software to provide you the highest quality of presentation.  Photography is in itself inherently a technical process, however, OMNIception’s unique panoramic photography is superior because:

  • Spherical Panoramic Images vs. Still Framed Photographs:  Still photography captures a framed image of the world typically in aspect ratios of either square 1:1, medium format 3:2, standard 4:3, or cinematic 16:9. When presenting an image of a room, trying to capture a sense of the space within a flat 2D framed image will either crop or distort the truth of reality.  Spherical imaging removes the warp of the camera lens and presents the entire space as an immersive experience.
  •  Gigapixel imaging and Resolution:  The resolution and detail captured is impacted by focal lengths of lenses.  Fisheye lenses are defined by being able to capture 180º field of vision (FoV), while 35mm lenses are roughly in the 50º FoV.  The larger the field of vision, the less tiles of photos are required to capture a sphere. However, this will reduce the amount of detailed information available for the camera’s sensor to record.  Conversely, more photo tiles yields higher resolution, yet requires more time for capturing and rendering a spherical image.  Populated environments, hours near sunrise and sunset, and partly cloudy with wind are challenging to produce a clean image.  At about 24mm – 35mm focal length, robotic motorized tripod head become necessary, as the scale of tiling becomes unmanageable for manual production.
  • High Dynamic Range imaging (HDRi):  The dynamic range represents the amount of contrast (details within the bright light and dark shadows) a camera is able to record. The human eye can perceive detail with a very high dynamic contrast ratio, around 10,000,000:1 during night and 15,000:1 during daylight.  Professional camera optic sensors are capable of 4,000:1 in a single exposure.  Our standardized imaging techniques and software rendering enable capturing the dynamic range of low light indoor scenes with bright exterior day light to produce an image closer to the human perception beyond the limitations of camera hardware.
The OmniView Explorers enables your audience the freedom to explore your space, scene to scene navigable by hotspots, thumbnails, maps, or floor plans.  You will be able to share your environment anywhere the internet is accessible. Most importantly, we build your OmniView Explorer specifically branded for you.

  •  Customized Branding:  logos, menus, heads up display, graphical icons, style and color themes are just the beginning of customization.  Brand your tour to suit your website, physical space, or company culture.
  •  Customize your tour with modules for a unique experience: transitions between scenes, auto-rotate, auto tour, custom field of vision projection, intro splash messages. No two tours are the same.
Discoverability of “infotainment” is a well-documented function of maintaining viewer audience attention.  We offer the “gamification of reality” with Virtual Reality technology by means integration of multimedia.  Enhance and highlight your property by enriching your OmniView Explorers with videos, slide show photo galleries, webpages, Google Maps, surveys and questionnaires, point of sale, live video streams; anything you can produce on a standard webpage can be integrated in a pop-up info bubble.

 Multimedia Interactivity: Through the use of advanced web language code, OMNIception integrates multimedia to pop-up bubble to highlight and detail any point of interest.

Audio: Extend the immersive experience by adding the element of audio.  Sound options include:
        Global audio: Plays an audio track continuously as the audience explores your OmniView Explorers
        Unique audio per a scene: Each room can have it’s own unique sound track
        Directional audio within a scene: Sound can be pinned to a point within a spherical panorama creating  a directional source that ranges in volume as the viewer pans their field of vision

Integrating your OmniView Explorers with your site is easy!  OMNIception does all the hard work by building a complex digital ecosystem, containing it all in a library of files, and by provide you a simple single URL link acting as a turnkey solution.
OmniView Explorers are accessible to all major devices and all prominent web browsers.  Therefore the accessibility of our OmniView Explorers is not limited on any level. Whether experienced on a movie screen or cell phone, OMNIception’s tours are simple, user-friendly, and fun.


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